Education Through Travel has a vision to educate teachers and students around the world. We have three main ways of doing this:

  • Teachers Teaching Teachers Around the World

    In the United States most teachers get a couple of months in the summer off. These teachers are not usually paid well enough to do a lot with that extra time. There are teachers that still want to make a difference while enriching their own lives. This branch of the organization will allow teachers that have time over the summer to travel to a place they would not be able to go to otherwise and give back as well. The teachers will be able to travel to another country and teach teachers in that country. They will be able to collaborate about teaching techniques, pedagogy, and classroom care. Education Through Travel will be able to help the teachers get there and then the teachers will give of their time to enrich the lives of others and be enriched in return.

  • Students Gaining Education Through Travel

    There are areas of the United States that education is lacking. Students that would not otherwise have the opportunity in their education to experience something outside of their hometown. Education Through Travel will give the opportunity to high school aged students to travel to various places in the United States to gain education. The students will go to places such as Washington D.C., New York, and Pennsylvania to learn about the nation’s founding, Miami, San Diego, and Houston to learn about other cultures and areas of the country, and places like Mount Rushmore, Niagara Falls, and the Grand Canyon to gain perspective on the grandeur of this amazing country we live in.

  • Traveling to Educate Yourself and Others

    In our global community there are areas of the world that need additional help. This could be places in North America or Australia after fires, places in the Caribbean or Latin America after hurricanes, places in the Pacific and Southeast Asia after earthquakes, or places that do not have developed educational systems. The purpose of this branch of Education Through Travel is to allow people who have the means to travel to give a little more purpose to their travel. People who want to be involved in humanitarian work can use Education Through Travel as a springboard to go to places and help build schools, deliver supplies, or help set up school systems around the world.