Our Impact

About Teachers

  • The average starting salary for teachers is approximately $40,000 in the United States.
  • Teachers often do not get to travel unless they are teaching abroad or have received grants.
  • Teachers must have a bachelor’s degree to teach and are extremely qualified to teach students, and by extension teach others.
  • According to the World Bank, there is a short supply of teachers around the world who are educated in the subject they are teaching. One study of seven African countries found that nearly a quarter of primary school teachers cannot subtract double-digit numbers and one-third of the teachers cannot multiply double-digit numbers.
  • The same study found that less than 10% of teachers deploy best pedagogical practices in their teaching.
  • Good teachers are needed all over the world and teachers who have been well educated can teach other teachers to help education flourish everywhere.

Facts About Students

Students and Teachers Around the World

Our goal is to help students and teachers around the world gain and share education. There are qualified teachers all over the world that can help teachers who may not have the education they need to help their students. Education Through Travel will help facilitate that education of teachers.

There are also many students that do not have the opportunity to gain education through experiences outside of their communities. There are also students around the world that are denied an education or lack access to an education. Education Through Travel will help these students gain the experiences that they would otherwise not be able to have. The organization will also help students in developing countries gain the education they deserve.